Poda de árboles semiperennes

Los Ayuntamientos realizan las tareas de poda habitualmente entre los meses de Noviembre y Febrero.  La Tipuana y la Jacaranda son especies arbóreas que realizan un cambio de hoja en primavera verano. Son árboles que necesitan de una poda racional, diferenciada por su tamaño, gran crecimiento y por su tendencia a que cuelguen las ramas inferiores, lo que obliga a realizar al menos dos intervenciones al año, más suaves que las que se muestra en la foto.

The harvest of orange begins in the streets and squares of Seville in Spain

In Seville are 36,000 bitter orange trees in its streets and squares. The orange tree is a singularity of the urban landscape of Seville. The fruit of the orange becomes jam and is the favorite breakfast of the British. Many British when they visit the city of Seville in Spain see the tree and the fruit that they have breakfast for many years.

Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre Completes as Fifth Tallest Skyscraper in the World

News from CTBUH.

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) has certified the completion of Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre, located within the burgeoning Zhujiang New Town business district. At 530 meters it is the tallest building in Guangzhou, second tallest in China, and fifth tallest worldwide. Developed by New World Development Company and designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (KPF), this supertall skyscraper rounds out a trio of Guangzhou’s tallest structures, including Guangzhou International Finance Center and Canton Tower, all centered around Huacheng Square, the city’s premier urban park and the central axis of Zhujiang New Town.

The mixed-use programming of Guangzhou CTF is reflected in its sculpted form, incorporating setbacks at four major transition points corresponding to internal transitions in programming. The tower’s elevation is defined by a series of subtle terra cotta mullions running the full length of its height, accentuating its verticality. The material selection cleverly references both Chinese architectural traditions and early skyscraper design, and is the tallest application of terra cotta in the world.

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Golf Industry Show in Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, USA, 04-09 Feb 2017.

Defined as the premier networking and learning platform, Golf Industry Show is sure going to offer you with quality results at the end of your visit. This forum is also going to serve the business of golf course and club facilities which in turn, will surely going to invite more key decision makers from every aspect of the industry under one roof. The targeted audiences here are Golf course superintendents, Golf course owners and operators, General Managers, Chief executive officers, Chief operating officers, Chief financial officers, Mechanics and equipment managers, Golf course distributors and dealers, Golf course architects and builders, Turf industry representatives, Membership marketing directors, Golf course appraisers and the list is endless.

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Construction sector in Russia H2 2016

Market analysis and development forecasts for 2016 – 2021

This publication examines the state of Russia’s construction market as of H2 2016 in terms of value, current and planned production, as well as prospects for the market’s major players through 2021. It offers a convenient and comprehensive source of data reflecting the value of each segment as well as expert analysis of market conditions and influential trends.


What is the content of PMR’s report on construction in Russia H2?


·         Benefit from detailed analysis of trends and impacts on costs, employment levels, market growth, sales and prices of construction materials and machinery

·         Market value: assess the data representing the value of the Russian construction market and each of its segments: residential, non-residential and civil engineering

·         Future prospects, as detailed in the forecasts prepared by PMR’s team of highly experienced analysts

·         Building materials production, major funding sources, government subsidies and other factors that influence market growth

·         Analysis of the competitive landscape in Russian construction

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Greatings from Mary Ellen Iskenderian President & CEO Women´s World Banking

Dear Friends,

As 2016 draws to a close, we reflect proudly on the impact we and our partners have made in the lives of women this year.  As we celebrate our accomplishments, we are also mindful that changes in the global political landscape have created uncertainty about so many issues, including gender and economic equality.

Thanks to your support and collaboration, we’ve reached 1.5 million women with access to financial services that they did not have before. When women have access and control of these financial products, it means:

  • Fewer women are at risk of falling deeper into poverty;
  • More women are able to reinvest in themselves, their families, and their communities; and
  • More women have decision-making power in their own lives and a louder voice in the world.

Commitment to our mission is more important today than ever before. 

So we welcome 2017 with eager anticipation of the work that lies ahead – work we are uniquely positioned to do.  Fueled by the change we have already created with our partners and clients, we will shift our sights toward even greater impact in 2017 with the goal of solving the most challenging issues in women’s financial inclusion through sustainable, scalable solutions.

The coming year will challenge us to design more solutions, engage more partners, and impact more lives.  Ongoing and growing support of friends who believe in us is vital if we are to succeed.  Your holiday donation is more than a gift; it is an investment in women and a more inclusive world.​​​​​​ Thank you for your commitment to Women’s World Banking.

We wish you a happy and healthy holiday season!

Warmest regards,

Mary Ellen
President & CEO

Dubai Authorities Approve Plans for an Observation Tower Poised to become the Tallest Structure in the World

News broke quickly of a proposed observation tower for Dubai Creek Harbour that would become the tallest structure in the world, surpassing the height of the city’s Burj Khalifa and planned to complete before the taller Jeddah Tower. With a goal of opening in time for Dubai’s Expo 2020, the Santiago Calatrava-designed structure was promptly approved by government officials, setting the stage for a condensed construction timeline.

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Photo: Burj Khalifa


Nuevo BLOG de Jardinería de José Elías Bonells

Nuevo BLOG de Jardinería de José Elías Bonells

Una buena noticia, ya tenemos en la red toda la experiencia de un grandísimo profesional que ha dedicado toda su vida a la jardinería. Cientos de fotos, textos  que hacen que este BLOG tenga un valor incalculable.

Todo lo que has de saber sobre la Jardinería mediterránea y muy especialmente la jardinería de Sevilla donde ha ejercicio la mayor parte de su vida profesional.


11.000 visitantes en IBERFLORA 2016

El número de visitantes profesionales a la edición 2016 de Iberflora creció un 21% respecto a la edición anterior, hasta llegar a la cifra de 10.796 personas, lo que le convierte en el mejor año en toda la década. Este crecimiento afectó tanto a los visitantes nacionales como los extranjeros, que mayoritariamente acudieron desde mercados vecinos, como Portugal (23%), Francia (20%), Italia (16%) y Países Bajos (12%). En cuanto al tipo de actividad de los visitantes, destacan los Centros de Jardinería (19%), seguidos por las empresas de Mantenimiento y Servicios (17%), empresas de Jardinería y Paisajismo (12%) y los Viveros productores de Plantas(9%).



La pergola es un elemento del mobiliario urbano que forma parte de la mayoría de los espacios públicos en la zona mediterránea. Los veranos calurosos y secos, invitan a integrar este elemento en el espacio urbano.

La planta es la protagonista por excelencia de la estructura de sombra, aunque todavía hay profesionales que desconocen o ignoran esta circunstancia. Esto provoca que a veces podamos ver en espacios públicos “pergolas muertas”, sin vida, sin plantas.

Una vez definido el elemento soporte, estructural, habrá que definir el contenido de la pérgola (plantas, riego, drenaje, mallas, maceteros, etc). Si la pérgola soportará elementos de comunicación (wifi), sonido (altavoces), iluminación (focos), publicidad (paneles) y sistema de climatización (red de presión y boquillas de nebulización), u otros, habrá que tenerlo en cuenta para que puedan llegar todos los servicios.

Es muy importante definir la estructura que soportará el peso de la vegetación teniendo en cuenta que la estructura quedará integrada y cubierta en gran parte por la vegetación.

La orientación es un factor clave para obtener un buen resultado de superficie de sombra. Siempre la orientación será este-oeste en el sentido longitudinal de la ubicación de las estructuras. De no ser así la sombra proyectada se localizará fuera de la pergola.

Foto: Jesús de Vicente: Parque Tecnológico Cartuja, Sevilla.