Positive and controlled climate change

If we want a positive climate change we must act urgently in the cities to turn them into green islands.

Positive or inverse climate change is a favorable change in which temperatures drop and rainfall increases, combating desertification and softening the environment.

It is obvious that the desert of North Africa advances and in Andalusia can already speak of 17% of the territory in process of desertification.

In classical cities like Seville, conceptually speaking, approximately the area occupied by buildings is approximately 85% and the rest, public spaces, roads, parks and gardens is about 15%.

How to do it ?: Firstly, it must be remembered that Seville has

a pluviometry of about 637 mm or liters per m2 per year. Countries like Baharein, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, Israel, have an annual rainfall of between 70-90 mm or liters per m2 per year. The Mediterranean area is characterized by the absence of water from May to September.

- Landscaping roofs of buildings. It is a feasible option mainly in new buildings. An example is the roofs of the commercial area of ​​Torre Sevilla, which has a vegetated surface of about 13,000 m2 and is the largest vegetation cover in Spain. The cover is permeable and allows to collect rainwater. It is more difficult to install in old buildings due to construction problems.

-An attractive and novel option and applicable in new constructions are mainly vertical gardens. There is the high cost of installation and maintenance.

-Increased the area of ​​vegetable shade in the city through the city.



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